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St. Augustine PNs
October 17, 2007, 3:48 am
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A week has passed since the PNs of St. Augustine school of Nursing had finished their lay out of Nursing Care Plan. It was a success then, many had received such good remarks and many, too, had incurred that shameful point out. Their presentation is simillar that of a BSNurse, but the difference was that they took it in just their freshmen days! Some people commented that was rather too advance and students may not seem to understand well the complexity of the process and in addition to that, educatee are not yet versed in doing Nursing Care Plan,  so the outcome of the panelled presentation is a bit complimentary, since the jury must comprehend that they are just 1st year students, so they must know that this guys are not that knowledgeable with this NCP. So what they did is just really a compliment for the capabilities of the students.

On to other topic,   The United States is urging Filipinos to exploit that country’s vast practical nursing market.

Gregory Tyrone Howard, LPN, president of the National Federation of Licensed Practical Nurses of America, noted in a dialogue with Office of the President Undersecretary for External Affairs Eduardo Soliman that US employment opportunities are not limited to graduates of a four-year bachelor’s degree.

“There is also a bigger need for graduates of short vocational courses for nursing to man the frontlines there,” Howard told Soliman in a meeting as part of his on going dialogues with government groups like the Tesda [Technical Education and Skills Development Authority.

Howard said Filipino vocational graduates could qualify in the US practical nursing program if schools here introduce America’s approved Practical Nursing courses.

The country’s medical profession is only addressing the US employment demands for Registered Nurses, which is far smaller, compared for the need for vocational nurses, Howard pointed out.

If the country can answer the need for practical nurses in America, thousands more will be gainfully employed there on top of the current registered nurses that we are now sending,” he said.

 So main idea here is that,  St. Augustine is one of the country’s producer of finest LPNs, so they have the shoot in grasping the opportunity. They should continue to make PNs so the country could supply those practitioners in summoned.  Not to mentioned their accredition abroad, they are noted and presently knowned for their good standards.

 Continue the good work, and the country still rely on you!

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st. augustine is one of the leading PN school in the Philippines

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